Software Engineer


Programming Languages:

    C/C++, Perl, SQL, Tcl, Postscript, Microsoft, Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java

Graphical Environments:

    HTML, Qt, Tk

Operating Systems:

    Linux, Windows 9x/NT, Solaris

Database Systems:

    MySQL, Oracle


    CGI, Databases, Windows applications


da Vinci Network Services (October 98 - Present):

    Software Engineer - Heavy usage of Perl, SQL, and HTML in dynamic CGI website development. Moderate usage of Postscript for quality printing of custom database reports. Moderate Microsoft Visual C++ usage for windows application development. Maintenance and administration of Linux systems on a daily basis.
    • Medicaid Data Management and Billing - February 99 - Ongoing
      Developed OCR(Object Character Recognition) software to process remittance statements from medicaid billing. Ongoing database maintenance and backend administrative reports.
    • PromotionShop.com - December 99 - October 2000
      A DHTML client-side web functionality site using very advanced Perl, DHTML, and Javascript technologies. Customers can design various printed items like t-shirts and bumper stickers, positioning and resizing clipart and uploaded graphics in a web-based GUI environment. Dynamic HTML allows the user to drag elements around the screen, and resize graphics in real-time. I developed the SQL Backend, HTML, and CGI scripts.
    • MP3 Player - October 2000 - Ongoing
      A windows based MP3 Player that handles auxiliary embedded content MP3s(such as lyrics.) I am the lead developer of this project, currently working on a plugin system to allow different decoders and customizable options such as skins. This projects has been developed with Microsoft Visual C++ and the Qt library.

PDF version of this resume available on request