Sr. Software Engineer

C/C++, Perl, Java, Tcl, SQL, PostScript, Lisp, Forth, Bash, x86 & SPARC assembly, YACC, Lex, REXX, PHP, ColdFusion, and others

Graphical Environments:
Xlib/Xt/Motif, Gtk, Tk/Tix, XVT, Qt, win16/32, XVT, HTML, PDF

Operating Systems:
Linux, UNIX (most flavors including Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OSF1, IRIX), MS Windows 9x/NT, DOS

Database Systems:
MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle

Cryptography (public key/PKI, symetric), device drivers, digital signal processing, image processing, OCR, numerical methods and simulation, network programming, middleware, client-server architecture, OOD/OOP, network design and administration, network security, Internet applications, CGI, and more

C/C++, Linux/UNIX

da Vinci Network Services (July 98 - Present):
Sr. Software Engineer/Owner - Managed development staff. Selected tools and paradigms for development projects. Wrote OCR toolkit to replace a commercial engine that was inadequate for our needs. Designed and developed extra-net software for medical data management. Consulted on Internet connectivity and commercial network design. Administered all company networks and servers. Performed Internet security audits. Taught Linux/UNIX courses for Executrain of Oklahoma (in Oklahoma City and Tulsa).

Heavy usage of Apache, BIND, Qmail, SSH, MySQL, Linux, C/C++, Perl, Java, HTML, SQL, PostScript, and shell programming (Bourne). Additional usage of Solaris, IRIX, DEC OSF/1, Squid, SNMP, Tcl, Lisp, and PHP.

BTG, Inc. (Oct 96 - July 98):
Sr. Programmer/Analyst - Wrote ColdFusion and ISAPI components for large Extranet project. Designed and implemented web-based custom extension to Interleaf RDM. Performed feasibility study for porting the FAA's Instrument Approach Procedures Automation package from IRIX to Linux. Linux network administration. Technical sharpshooter for advanced components in many projects. Taught Linux/UNIX courses for Executrain.

Heavy usage of C/C++, HTML, Windows NT, and IIS. Additional usage of Linux, Apache, BIND, Qmail, SSH, perl, Lisp, Motif, Oracle, MS SQL, and Solaris.

Oklahoma State University (Sep 96 - Dec 96)
Adjunct Professor - Taught C/C++ course with informal lab.

Landmark Graphics Corp. (Aug 90 - Oct 96):
Software Engineer - Performed C/C++ development for X Windows and MS Windows. Acted as network administrator for Oklahoma City offices.

Heavy usage of C/C++, Solaris 1.x and 2.x, Windows 3.1 and 95, XVT, Motif, C-Tree+, and Oracle. Additional usage of AIX, IRIX, Tcl/Tk and Tix.

B.A. Mathematics with Physics minor, Southern Nazarene University, Jan 91

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