Software Engineer

C/C++, Java, Pascal, PowerBuilder, Visual BASIC, SQL, Perl, Python, HTML, JavaScript, Lisp, Tcl/Tk

Operating Systems:
Linux, UNIX (AIX), MS Windows 9x/NT, OS/2

Internet applications, CGI, client-server, OOD/OOP

da Vinci Network Services (Nov 98 - Present):
Software Engineer - Maintained and developed extra-net software deployed on Internet. Used Perl to access data in SQL database and produce dynamic web pages with the results. Designed, developed and maintained object-oriented Java extra-net software for medical data management.

Hertz Corp. (Nov 96 - Nov 98):
Programmer/Analyst - Designed and implemented rates maintenance program using client/server model in C and PowerBuilder. Developed Object-Oriented messaging transport layer to facilitate robust messaging between client and server. Developed objects to manipulate strings, linked lists, and pack data into messages for the message transport layer. Assisted in development of automated build process.

American Floral Services (Jun 95 - Nov 96):
Programmer - Designed and wrote new software for the floral industry using Visual BASIC. Maintained and ported legacy code to newer, more user-friendly environment. Developed new wire order reporting method utilizing modem communication. Aided Help Desk personnel by providing phone and research support. Trained peer programmers in Visual BASIC and Object-Oriented methodology.

United States Marine Corps, Reserve (Jun 89 - Jun 97, Mar 98 - Present)
Demonstrated leadership by graduating as a squad leader from boot camp. Awarded commendation for completing Towed Artillery Repair School with highest grade. Served as Section Chief for a year before assignment to Materials Management. Operated artillery mechanic shop at Battalion level for duration of annual training duty in 1994. Served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Awarded Navy Achievement Medal for leadership during annual training 1998.

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