Load Profile Product Tour
With Automated Energy, Inc. we developed an international client-server system for tracking and viewing energy load profiles. We delivered experience and skills critical to the success of this project:
  • Intensive Java and MySQL programming
  • Linux, Tomcat & Apache server-configuration
  • Perl and shell scripts for task automation
  • This demonstration may load slowly.

    MP3 Karaoke Player
    For Songdog Network, Inc. we developed a song file player that synchronizes the display of lyrics to the screen with the playback of an .MP3 file. We used QT and C++ for programming and open source SDL libraries for playback.
    Download a song formatted for use with this player.
    The song player supports Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and requires Windows Installer 2.0. Most computers running Windows® already have Windows Installer 2.0. However, if downloading the player does not install it, then add Windows Installer 2.0 via:
    Version 2.0 for Windows 95/98/ME from Microsoft.
    Version 2.0 for Windows NT 4.0/2000 from Microsoft.

    Milan Medical
    We provide a range of medical documentation and billing services to accommodate the needs of many Oklahoma organizations, and specialize in:

    The Verdict
    This site included administration CGI scripting that allowed the customer to manage their own schedule updates without the need for any in-depth computer knowledge.

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