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Need your Cisco box reconfigured? We can help. Want to set up internet connection sharing without exposing a Microsoft Windows(tm) box to the internet? We can set up a Linux firewall/router combination box, potentially using an old PC you have sitting around the office gathering dust.

We offer configuration and maintenance on qmail, Courier, sendmail, and IMAP/POP3 based servers. We can build one to suit you or manage your Linux server. We can configure and add-on virus scanning protection on your email too, reducing the downtime and incidents caused by email-based viruses.

File Sharing:
Our file server set-ups interoperate with Microsoft Windows(tm).

Network Security:
We can audit your security policies, perform penetration testing, set up Linux-based firewall and routing systems, tighten Cisco Access Control Lists (ACLs), and perform training on the importance of good network security.
We believe that Good Security is a Process not a Product!

Virtual Private Networks:
Whether you have 2 office locations or 20, we can help you link them all up into a single Virtual Private Network. This lets you share files and servers from a single main location or several distributed ones, depending on your desires. We can consolidate your servers for ease of maintenance, or distribute them for disaster recovery (or a balance of both).

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